Eagle Project

Integrating drone technology to security

Token: EGL

Industry : Service

ICO Start Date: 01-10-2017 (289)

ICO Closing Date: 21-10-2017 (269)


Eagle Project is a decentralizing public, private and personal security through an integrated GPS network system with a mobile application. It has an ability to connect to the servers and interact with real-time airborne drones for capturing emergency images, event social, and inhibition which reduces urban crimes. The Drones are self-controlling gadgets in real time that integrates with the application available for recording images when demanded through App. It inhibits actions by listing actions criminal record and registers evidence in transit Social Scope.

Drone technology can be integrated, and all the applications can be connected to GPS Global system of Positioning Social gaiety that provides an instant recording of images on request in any action. It facilities admittance of new customers to blockchain in the field of Agronomy, Industry, Surveillance, Social and Sports Events etc.

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Team Members

Charline Magalhaes - CEO Analista Financeiro

Carlos Santana - CEO Desenvolvedor (DEV) Gerente de Projeto

Cassius Klay - Analista Financeiro Gerente de Projeto

Alexsandro Santos - Desenvolvedor Analista TI


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