Earth Token

Environmental Sustainability Solutions in blockchain

Token: EARTH

Industry : Energy

ICO Start Date: 17-11-2017 (187)

ICO Closing Date: 15-03-2018 (69)


Earth token is natural asset exchange marketplace. It creates a Natural Asset marketplace which allows stakeholders in the climate value chain to participate. The value of token holder is created due to the dynamics of supply and demand. The value and volume of transactions across the Natural Asset exchange increases utilizing EARTH which is a settlement mechanism due to the fixed supply. It is the simple solution for the most complicating problems.

The earth token has a token called “SynGas”. Earth token is integrated with a business partner and supply gasification plants which have the capacity of converting carbon-containing feedstock like biomass, agricultural or municipal solid waste into a synthetic gas. Syngas is sterile, dry and flexible gas which is ignited to produce electricity and heat. It passes through different catalysts that create fluids like alcohols and transport fuels.



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Team Members

Rower - Chairman and Co-Founder

Leonard Harley - Co-founder- Managing Director- IT Director

Allan Saunders - Marketing Director- Product Development Director

Peter Newell - Operations Director- Acting Financial Director

Dennis Stone - Director - Renewable Energy

Gavin Knight - Advisor

Sam Yilmaz - Advisor

Joeri Pross - Advisor

Wesley Carlson - Advisor

Jason Berry - Advisor

Carrington Phillip - Advisor

Maurice Crespi - Partner- Schindlers Attorneys


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