Decentralized Blockchain Lodging Ecosystem

Token: EPY

Industry : Tourism

ICO Start Date: 07-10-2017 (283)

ICO Closing Date: 05-11-2017 (254)


Emphy is a decentralized blockchain lodging ecosystem. The blockchain technology combines with smart contracts to provide a safer, faster and affordable way to rent rooms for holidays. The Emphy solves and reduces the problems which most of the guests and landlords face. It is an application to have an amazing travel experience which discovers new destinations and to interact with new people.

Emphy has the decentralized structure that has more reliable and productive information. This ecosystem has made life easier for both guests and landlords. The registration with Emphy is crystal clear. The landlords can attain publishing advertising in few seconds with their smartphones. The guest will get all the information before they book the room.

Smart Contracts allows Guests to get all the necessary information before booking a room. All the actions from adding rooms to renting rooms take place on mobile devices. The special AI is used to get quick and steady facial recognition for ID verification. The ecosystem has most disrupting technologies which create next level consumer product.   



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Team Members

Dmitri Nogin - CEO- Co-founder- MBA

Aleksandr Kormiltsyn - Senior Developer- Ph.D.

Ilya Lissoboi - Senior Developer- Node.js

Igor Ursini - Business Developer- Co-founder- MBA

Oleg Kuznetsov - Frontend Developer

Pavel Kalabin - Backend Developer


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