Crypto Card with decentralized profit sharing

Token: EMP

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 14-08-2017 (337)

ICO Closing Date: 05-05-2018 (73)


EmpireCard is a cryptocurrency that instantaneously exchanges the protocol and decentralizes the profit sharing. It has integrated perks of the major cards so that the cash payments and retailers demand when the sale is completed. EmpireCard is attempting to succeed to rival crypto debit solutions which are failed.

The empire Card App is developing for iOS and has begun for Andriod. The Empire card App has the interface end-users which are familiar with administering their Empire Card. The user interface is consistent with top finance apps in the world. The iOS version is developed by the leading industries. The Empire Card server has the ability to accept the request from a debit network and has access to smart contracts which functions on the blockchain.


  • Instant Exchanges: - The multisite dual key enables instant exchanges. It ensures the card users to complete a retail transaction in seconds while confirming the process and continues to the post-sale.
  • Perks: - The card user has airport lounge access and accrues air miles and hotel points are courtesy of the partnership arrangements with Star Alliance and two major hotel groups.
  • Decentralized Ownership: - The funds raised through network fees are levied on Empire Card transactions. The owners of Empire Coins receive monthly dividends from the projects.

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