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Token: EEC

Industry : Energy

ICO Start Date: 01-08-2017 (323)

ICO Closing Date: 31-08-2017 (293)


Energy Efficiency Coin (EECoin) is a blockchain credit division planned to include an optimistic biological force, in addition, to track a biased index of real-world sustainable power marketplace presenting token-holders prospect to vote on which sustainable asset markets will be incorporated in the biased standard cost. EECoin is a fastened asset where the price is associated to a biased index of green stocks & bonds (indices), where preserving this fastened cost becomes the actuated dealing plan and income flow for the token equity possessing company, certifying prospect funding for principal administration and industrial platform growth.

EECoin is heading for partners and affiliates in the application and hardware layers. The EECoin scouts the blockchain projects with the probability to provide large market divisions, and supporting them reach the market and compete. The more advanced practice comprises real-time market bids connected to real-world hardware/ firmware installations and all type of appliances, communal ownership and dividend models, social media platforms, personal and healthcare applications, privacy/data monetization, “big-data” mining and deep knowledge systems.

Enledger has an Ethereum Toolset and EnergyChain Toolset accompanied by their tutorials.

Unique Features of Enledger:

  • Offers protection and safety measures to the facts or information.
  • It is highly competent in nature with an improved performance.
  • Offers high-level authentication strategies.
  • Issues several tools inclusive of the asset management tools and interoperability tools that facilitate the exchange or transfer of credits and assets.
  • It is specialized in media or data access systems and blockchain payment layers.
  • It augments power formation through sustainable/ renewable resources.
  • It ensures the longevity of the projects with its innovative profit structure.
  • It holds a REC profit system and an energy chain.
  • It provides the integration of decentralized app systems, Blockchains, and distributed ledgers.

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Team Members

Jason Dispenza - CEO

Ryan Molecke - CTO

Christina Garcia - CIO

James Barry - Advisor


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