ESR Wallet

Universal payment and credit service

Token: ESR

Industry : Financial Service

ICO Start Date: 18-12-2017 (184)

ICO Closing Date: TBD


ESR wallet is universal payment and credit service that gets assistance from popular cryptocurrencies. It is a global project of a universal wallet that has the range of banking services and gets 20% per annum rate for deposits in cryptocurrency. ESR wallet is the working platform. It offers many countries to design an electronic wallet in dollars and euros, Simultaneously, it also issues a VISA/Mastercard.

ESR wallet exchanger is allotted in a separate project with own legal identity. ESR tokens are part of the company founders that has paid only for the legal costs associated with registration. ESR wallet team owns more than 300 ATMs which are situated in the United States of America. The ESR ATM network also covers other countries. The Cash withdrawal from their own ATM network is free for ESR Wallet Card holders.

The capacity to spend the cryptocurrency using ESR wallet’s physical card is possible. The cards are accepted for both online or offline payment. The money can be transacted through ESR wallet in 8 different currencies to 120 nations worldwide. The user can instantly transfer between ESR wallets. ESR token is based on e-Token contract. ESR wallet is partnered with organizations like Ambisafe, Fast and Shine, ATTICLAB, 123.Systems, ES RELIABLE INVESTMENT and ATLANT.  

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Team Members

Sergey Slastikhin - CEO

Konstantin Beynars - Technical analysis

Oleg Gerasimov - Strategic management

Arkady Khokhlov - Strategic management

Vitaly Kirillov - Analytics

Elizabeth Orden - PR

ALEXANDER VTOROV - Chief developer

FENG JING - Specialist on Asian markets

ANTON CHUMACHENKO - Blockchain development

ALEX KORN - Product Development Management

ARTEM GUREVYCH - Crypto-investment specialist

ANNA KOZLOVA - Lead designer

OLEKSII MATIIASEVYCH - Smart contracts engineer

ANDREY ZAMOVSKIY - Cryptocurrency development

Oleksii Matiiaevych - Advisor

Andrey Zamovskiy - Cryptocurrency development

Aleksey Nesterov - Advisor

Dmitriy Cherednik - Advisor


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