The World’s 1st Crypto-Centric eBook Store

Token: EBK

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 18-09-2017 (160)

ICO Closing Date: 20-10-2017 (128)


EthBooks is an e-book store based on cryptocurrency topics. The publishers can easily upload their work in the proper sections of the store for free. This is the world’s 1st crypto   - Centric eBook Store. EthBooks ICO has raised around 42,175 ETH. This platform utilizes blockchain technology and a customized token (EBK). It based on Ethereum smart contract ecosystem for transactions on the Ethbooks.

EthBooks store is one – stop shop for people enthusiast about cryptocurrencies and search detailed quality information on various cryptocurrencies. The team aims to achieve a market share in every country. The store is web based and app based. The app will be available on Play store, Apple Store, and Windows Store.

EThSquad is an integrated system that is built by the EthBooks team which assists in protecting published crypto e-books against piracy. The rates of e-books on the EthBooks are determined by the publisher. Publisher receives an 85% of royalty on every sale. This explores Ethooks, marketing, and staff to a greater extent.

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Team Members

Sebastian Lucas - CEO & Founder

Giovanni O’Brien - CFO

Garvin Stuart - Chief Advisor

Matthew Conrad - Lead Developer

Yoshi Kanako - CMO

Leanne Santos - Chief Legal Advisor

Jiang Maoling - Blockchain Developer


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