Digital maketplace based on blockchain technology

Token: EZM

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 14-10-2017 (249)

ICO Closing Date: 25-11-2017 (207)


EZMarket is the digital marketplace which is based on blockchain technology. It manages trading digital assets, code script, plugin, tutorial guides, templates, and photos. The payment is very fast, simple and securely completed with cryptocurrency. The mission is to create favorable and speedy shopping process for users.

It is a decentralized application built on the Ethereum blockchain. It doesn’t have any centralized authority nor requires a middleman to handle or manage a user’s information. EZMarket can be utilized to buy items with a few clicks. These smart contracts are the platform on the blockchain that connects buyers and sellers. The transactions are directly completed in a trustless manner.

"The transactions are directly completed without any hassle. EZMarket is utilizing the decentralized database on the blockchain. It accumulates technology to speed up with the application. EZMarket is utilizing the decentralized database on blockchain and hoards technology to speed up with the application. These operations are fast, secure and integrated. Smart Contracts helps to save money, without paying high fees. The payment is executed by smart contract without, user provided any personal information.  


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Team Members

Yann Le Gentil - Founder & CTO

Peter Arnoldi - Advisor

Subodh Kaushik - Manager

Ballard Pham - Developer

Leonid Yeromin - Developer

Alyona Matakova - Developer


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