A decentralized staffing platform for the financial technology industry

Token: FINC

Industry : Service

ICO Start Date: 07-02-2018 (105)

ICO Closing Date: 28-02-2018 (84)


Fintechfans is a decentralized Marketplace for all the types of short-term positions. Fintechfans is eradicating a middleman and is lowering the costs. Fintechfans is offering a decentralized review system which leads to honest and unbiased sights. It is enabling peer-to-peer payment without any dispute.

Fintechfans is a company which provides a job boarding feature for more than 2500 job opening which is posted over 400 companies. The team is building a decentralized platform for freelancers and companies. FintechCoin provides Fintech community to seek and offer jobs on the decentralized job platform. This can be achieved at a fraction of the costs of the established job platform.


Mobile & Web: - FintechFan is ready for modern users. The platform is available on mobile and web.

Affordable recruitment: - FintechFan has token sale based funding which renders the platform affordable for day-one industry players.

Secure: - FintechFan has valuable data for their employers. The personal data is perfectly secured on the platform.

Flexible use: - The user can insert image, video, animation on the screen.

ICO Details:-

Token Name: - FINC

Price: - 1ETH= 280 FINC

Platform: - Ethereum

Accepting: - ETH & Fiat currency

ICO Start Date: - 07th February 2018

ICO End Date: - 28th February 2018





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Team Members

Ratko Stamolija - Community Manager- Cryptocurrency Expert

Marcel van Oost - CEO

Wiebe-Marten Wijnja - CTO- DLT Expert

Julian Lagus - Legal Expert

Agustin Rubini - FinTech Veteran

Jan Albert Jager - Strategic Advisor

Michel Herder - Strategic Advisor

Paul Hagens - Payments Professional

Chrisjan Pauw - Cryptocurrency Expert

Michelle Katics - FinTech Entrepeneur

Anthony S. Dell - RegTech Evangelist

Stefano Covolan - FinTech Entrepeneur


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