Token: FKX

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 19-02-2018 (93)

ICO Closing Date: 18-03-2018 (66)


Fortknoxster is a crypto community which safeguards all communications and data. It is decentralized storage with P2P encrypted file, calling, chat, inbox and encrypted video calling. It offers all the features in one web and mobile platform.


  • Blockchain integration: - FortKnoxster clouts on the Ethereum blockchain technology by utilizing smart contracts. It features secure, private and trusted communications links between the users.  
  • Decentralized cloud Storage: - The user can store his valuable data which is encrypted in a decentralized distributed storage P2P network. It is easy to share and manages files and folders logically.
  • Inbox: - The messages and attachments are end-to-end encrypted and secured. The user can send messages to colleagues, clients and business partners.
  • Calling: - All the calls are secured without prying from competitors or external surveillance. The most private calling can be featured on both web and mobile.
  • Chat: - The chats are the real-time secured end-to-end which is an encrypted chat for fast and instant communications. It comes with voice messages, group chats and much more.
  • Group Conferencing: - The user can securely collaborate by chatting, calling, sharing files through group conferencing that works smarter and is secured.
  • Screen Sharing: - The team has developed encrypted screen-sharing which is an extra valuable tool. It securely collaborates with the partners and other 3rd
  • Voice Messages: - The user can send encrypted voice messages without making any calls. It saves times and the features are available both on web and app platforms.
  • Intuitive Dashboard: - The dashboard is simple and easy to use. It gives users an overall view of communications and data.
  • Mobile Apps: - This is native mobile apps for iOS and Android with all communication features such as inbox, chat, group chat, audio-video calling, and group calling.

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Team Members

Rasmus Birger Christiansen - CEO & Co-Founder

Mickey Joe Nathan Johnnysson - CTO & Co-Founder

René Krainert - CFO

Emin Roblack - Head of Design

Aram Ispiryan - Lead iOS Developer

Armen Sisakyan - Lead Android Developer

David Orban - Advisor

Henok Tekle - Advisor

Stig Abildso - Advisor

Eddy De Heij - Advisor

Michael Vivet - Advisor

Carlos Benvenuti - Advisor


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