FLIP crypto-token for buying and selling gaming di

Token: FLIP

Industry : Gaming

ICO Start Date: 28-11-2017 (204)

ICO Closing Date: 30-12-2017 (172)


Gameflip was founded in the year 2014, at Silicon Valley, California, USA. It has developed a booming marketplace for gamers to purchase and trade digital goods. There are around 2 million gamers purchasing and trading games securely with Gameflip. Nearly 10 million web viewers and 2 million mobile users subscribe to Gameflip every month. Millions of digital goods are been transacted through Gameflip.

Gameflip is a marketplace platform built using the most leading technology. It gives logical, safe and translucent digital e-commerce which targets gaming analytical. The FLIP token will integrate with Ethereum blockchain and ERC – 20 tokens. The structure and the FLIP smart contracts eradicate quires relating to trust or privacy. It protects the transacting gamers from scams. The game developers and publishers are accustomed to open source that is plugins and software development kits (SDKs) for integration.

Gameflip ICO is rapidly growing and developing with FLIP and blockchain technology. Gamers can easily own and safely store their digital goods on the blockchain. They can also buy and sell their digital goods constantly and securely with smart contracts. Game developers and publishers will come across revenue streams and substantial incentives to adopt FLIP.


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Team Members

Yoon Im - Advisor

JT Nguyen - Co-founder and CEO

Terry Ngo - Co-founder and CTO

Bryan Talbot - Head of Engineering

Matheus Arnellas - Head of Live Operations

Ed Kim - Head of Business Development

Udayan Sharma - Head of Marketing

Tony Simonovsky - ICO Success Manager

Richard Melmom - Advisor

Kotaro Yamagishi - Advisor

Heiko Hubertz - Advisor

Malte Barth - Advisor

Chris Akhavan - Advisor

Billy Sungwoo Lee - Advisor

Takayuki Nagashima - Advisor

Masahiro Yasu - Advisor


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