Decrease Load Times. Fight DDoS.

Token: GLA

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 01-11-2017 (258)

ICO Closing Date: 30-11-2017 (229)


Gladius is the decentralized solution. It gives protection against DDoS attacks which allows the user to associate to protection pools. It offers better protection and accelerates the content. This has the easy interface with powerful insights tools. Gladius permits everyone to protect and accelerate their website. The product keeps the comforts and utilization of traditional protection services with the costs that are tailored to user’s needs. The easy to use interface has the powerful insights tools which permit anyone to secure and accelerate their website.

  • Gladius Desktop Client:- User can rent his computer’s spare network bandwidth and start gaining Gladius tokens
  • Gladius Web Portal: - User can monitor attacks and bandwidth usage and simultaneously gains insights into the traffic.
  • Gladius Network Pools: - User can easily browse the marketplace, and then choose a pool which probably apt the price location and feasibility of the product.

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Team Members

Jeremy Epstein - Marketing Advisor

Max Niebylski - Founder & CEO

Michael Terpin - PR advisor

Frank Bonnet - Technical advisor

Ori Levi - Marketing Manager

Mike Balagna - Marketing Communications advisor

Hansco Leek - Operations advisor

Alex Godwin - Co-Founder and Blockchain / Pools

Ruben Stranders - AI Advisor

Marcelo McAndrew - Co-Founder and Backend developer

Konrad Seweryn - Web Developer

Roi Dalal - UI/UX Designer


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