Global Jobcoin


Token: GJC

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 28-10-2017 (261)

ICO Closing Date: 06-12-2017 (222)


Global JobCoin is recommended for Employers & employees. This is a decentralized coin to pay for services related to employment. They are in the market since 2014 and increased the profit up to 500% in the last year. It is one of the leading Job Platforms in Switzerland, Germany, Poland, and Austria.

  • 2 Millions are active Job seekers who activate in the domain every month
  • Around 5000+ companies from over 20 countries in Europe.
  • One Million Users have registered on this website
  • 20% of new users progress every month
  • 1000+ successful recruitments are made every month
  • 250 Millions Of people reach the market in Europe.

Employers can pay for single job postings or multiple Job packages through Global Jobcoins. The International employers save the currency conversation costs by utilizing Global JobCoin.   

Freelance Platform: - GlobaljobCoin is planning to launch Jobstoday freelancer platform so that users of the platform can find, hire and pay for these freelancer services using Global JobCoins

Freelancer Smart Contracts: - The Clients can securely fund using Ethereum Smart Contracts with escrow function that releases the payment after meeting the milestones by the freelancer. The Clients can easily interact with Smart Contracts through an innate GUI.  

Employer Bounty: - The rewards have been proven approach to draw hidden talents from all over the globe. The Employers will be provided by several bounties in GJC to applications for a Job Posting. These offer bounties to users recommending potential candidates.  


  • Super Dividends: - User is rewarded with the 20% of the global profit quarterly. It is an easy interface to get the dividends transferred constantly.
  • Token Repurchase Incentive: - Global Jobstoday will invest 10% of the global profits for trading the Global JobCoins from the market. The coins will be then locked in an escrow account for a year.   

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Team Members

Sanket Deshmukh - Founder & CEO

Lukasz Ochnik - Founder & CTO

Roberto Duran - Project Manager

Alicja Gazda - Marketing Manager

Inga Nosek - Sales Manager

Anna Bakurova - UX Designer & Developer


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