Become a Gold Miner by acquiring GEA tokens

Token: GEA

Industry : Business Services

ICO Start Date: 01-12-2017 (173)

ICO Closing Date: 31-03-2018 (53)


Goldea is decentralized gold mining charity project token. It allows the user to become a gold miner through the usage of the GEA tokens. It is first charity-oriented gold mining ICO. The user can purchase Goldea’s tokens or GEA coins and earn a share of the profits that are generated by a gold mine in Africa. The goldea’s GEA coins indicate real gold production at a mine in Mali. Goldea is a gold mine development company which is based in Dubai and handled by a Serbian entrepreneur.


  • Accessibility: - Anyone around the globe can become a GEA token holder. It has a potential to make investments.
  • Security:- The fixed and unbreakable terms and conditions are for lifelong.
  • Anonymity: -The blockchain-based ownership of GEA tokens assures complete privacy.
  • Integration: - The profit obtains from the gold mine is dispersed directly to GEA token holders.
  • Direct: - The tokenized production designs a decentralized automated investment tool without any third party.
  • Influence: - The power of crowd-voting facilities the development of project decisions and publishers the concept of shared risk.

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Team Members

Drasko Jocic - Founder and CEO

Dr.Uros Herlec - Main Geologist

Ing. Vital Dittrich - Mine Engineer

Nadiorou Dabo - Country Manager

Anthony Ashley - Chief of Mining Operations

Alexandr Grebennikov - Financial Analyst

Maksim Haritonov - CEO of Haritonov Capital

Vyacheslav Permyakov - Crypto Trader & Analyst

Dmitry Lukin - Head of Marketing

Dmitry Tarabrin - Legal Analyst

Tatevik Alexanyan - Account Manager

Artem Ibragimov - Community Manager

Svetlana Litvinova - Art Director

Pierre Polikarpov - Partner

Liza Uvarova - Event Manager

Ivan Tresenov - SMM

Thomas Goslee - Advisor

Artur Lipatov - Advisor

Dr. Sergey Belov - Advisor

Ismail Malik - Advisor


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