Blockchain based platform which operates gold-backed cryptoassets GOLD

Token: MNTP

Industry : CryptoCurrency

ICO Start Date: 20-09-2017 (273)

ICO Closing Date: 20-10-2017 (243)


GoldMint is a blockchain – based platform that uses GOLD digital assets, which are 100% backed by physical gold or exchange-traded funds. This means that one GOLD costs the same as one ounce of gold on the LMBA exchange. Goldchain ICO is Blockchain based platform which operates gold – backed crypto assets GOLD.The GoldMint platform is built on a private blockchain which is depending on Graphene technology. It is an open – source and offers an array of instruments needed to up bring a successful project. It complies with modern security standards and has a lot of worldwide financial blockchain.

The value of one GOLD crypto asset is equal to one real Gold. GoldMint Company emits GOLD digital assets on its own and assures to buy–back at the current gold price. Physical gold and ETF guarantees GoldMint Company’s pay ability. The assets are purchased and sold according to emitted GOLD volume.

Goldmint ICO grants the user to design a robust and safe architecture with a high bandwidth and the ability to use custom proof–of–stake consensus. It is considered as safe storage that gives the ability to easily take loans using gold or gold jewellery as security. The app designs and proceeds blocks within the private GoldMint blockchain and receives a commission for the processed transactions.

Traders, investors and other people familiar with crypto can use the GOLD stable coin to fence risks and save their savings from volatility and dramatic changes in price. Low volatile GOLD crypto assets can be utilized as a payment unit for companies and individuals. The essence of digital assets makes them a fast, transparent and secure currency.  Individuals and companies can get a loan in fiat currency charged upon their GOLD cryptoassets.

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Team Members

Dmirty Pluschevsky - Co - Founder & CEO

Konstantin Romanov - Co - Founder

Anton Akentiev - Lead Blockchain Developer

Konstantin Pichugin - CTO

Evgeny Volfman - CO - Founder & CBDO

Igor Ryabenkiy - CO - Founder

Alexander Pavlov - Product director

Maxim Uperyaka - Marketing Manager

Peter Bel - PR Director

Kirill Zhukov - Business Development- Bank Relations

Julian Zegelman - Adviser

Dr. Serge Umansky - Adviser


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