Graft Network

Universal Payment Processing Network

Token: GRF

Industry : Financial Service

ICO Start Date: 15-01-2018 (128)

ICO Closing Date: 15-02-2018 (97)


Graft Network is blockchain based universal payment processing network. It is global, open-sourced, decentralized payment gateway. The buyer and merchants can utilize Graft in a completely decentralized and modest way. The graft ecosystem is open for everybody to participate in ICO by maintaining Graft blockchain and implements network services.

Graft engages payment processing protocols. It also flows in a traditional electronic payment system such as credit, debit and prepaid cards. These methods are already known and trusted by millions of users and merchants all around the globe. This approach empowers easier and faster adoption of Graft as a mainstream payment platform. It also eradicates the necessity for centralized intermediaries which are currently required to precede the transactions between buyers and merchants.


  • All payment technologies integrated together: - Many merchants cannot accept cryptocurrencies without any mediator, so these merchants opt for traditional electronic payment methods such as payment cards or PayPal. The concept of plastic card payments is been outdated, but the technologies developed are accumulated in an enormous amount of merchant experience.
  • Accept Cryptocurrencies and Credit Cards: - The transactions in Graft network can take various convertible cryptocurrencies or local fiat currencies in a form of credit or debit card as an input. The automatic instant conversions help user to adopt the Graft payments by the mainstream users who are not familiar with these cryptocurrency ecosystems.
  • Merchant Payouts in Cryptocurrencies or Local Fiat Currency: - Graft network supports Bitcoin and various cryptocurrencies for both buyers and merchants.
  • Credit and Loyalty Card Features: - It is low-interest credit based on P2P lending. The loyalty programs are operated by merchants, Graft also provides a dynamic platform which can clout for a variety of creative services and workflows.

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Team Members

Slava Gomzin - “The Wizard”

Dan Itkis - “The Cook”

Vitalius P - “The Lonely Wolf”

Brad Gleeson - “The Rainmaker”

Yulia Kadulin - Advisor

Oleg Buzinover - Advisor

Boris Itkis - Advisor

Jason Gershenson - Advisor

Mitchell Cobrin - Advisor


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