GuideCTF (PreICO)

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Token: GCTF

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 05-10-2017 (285)

ICO Closing Date: 26-10-2017 (264)


This is a management company which maintains index fund CIV20. The CIV20 is a unique token and includes the 20 largest and is a most popular cryptocurrency. It is been updated on every Monday. The company takes care of the cost for the management of the fund. The token holder accepts dividends which are paid from the profits of the managing company GuideCTF.

The company’s capitalization depends upon the capitalization of its emitted assets. The first motto is to emit the fund token. The fund tokens can acquire the website after registration and authentication of the account. Marketing activities involved in GuideCTF such as participating in crypto and investment forums can assist to the growth and development of the company.


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Team Members

Oleg Naumovich - CEO

Egor Marchenko - CTO

Stanislav Gaitsky - CMO


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