Gx Coin

Token: GXC

Industry : Business Services

ICO Start Date: 25-08-2017 (326)

ICO Closing Date: 31-08-2017 (320)


A distributed business enterprise for small businesses is a design of Ethereum token called the Gx Coin. The Gx Coin organization audits and rates the business on certain proven measures such as financial documents availability, debt, state of litigation, executive personalities, business plan and industry research. The businesses will be presented to the token holders if accepted. This platform works with the business executives that prepare their own tokens and create necessary roadmap to excel.

Gx Coin is designed to be a venture capital for the people using cryptocurrency that gives them the advantage of traditional and regulated VC funds. This venture finance has productively supported 11 companies counting and conceded them all the way through earnings via various forms of liquidity including corporation sale & IPO.

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Team Members

Fabien Durreuil - Chief Executive Officer

Duane KirkPatrick - Senior Partner

Stephanie Webb - Junior Partner Manager


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