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Token: HAC

Industry : Financial Service

ICO Start Date: 19-09-2017 (301)

ICO Closing Date: 20-09-2018 (65)


Hackspace Capital is a fund based platform. It funds innovative hardware startup terms that cut edge products and technologies. The main purpose of creating Hackspace Capital is to invest and develop technology hardware by its strategic partners. It also serves as an online shop where people can achieve products and services designed and provided by Hackspace Capital Startups.

Hackspace Capital is partnered with elite engineering catalyst “EnCata”. It invents an antidote chain with the cutting edge hardware technology products and Services. It has associated with a dynamic international team of innovators, engineers, developers, business leaders, and investors. This creates an excellent atmosphere that enables and accelerates the development of the leading technology.

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Team Members

Mikhail Zhyvets - CEO at Hackspace Capital

Oleg Kondrashov - CTO at Hackspace Capital- CEO at EnCata

Michael Tavis - CFO at Hackspace Capital

Dr. Petr Dudin - CCO at Hackspace Capital- Partner and СSO at EnCata

Petr Sidelnikov - Financial Manager at Hackspace Capital

Fedor Mukin - CIO at Hackspace Capital

Michael Vaga - Marketing Manager at Hackspace Capital- CEO at HandEnergy


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