Harbour DAO

Rebuilding Governance

Token: HRB

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 01-08-2017 (323)

ICO Closing Date: 29-08-2017 (295)


Commonwealth administered Harbour is Ethereum-based DAO which holds and manages the token assets by furnishing the insight of the community. The world of investment is revolutionized by Harbour since it allows its users to have thorough control over the total process of creating a decentralized and self-governing platform. The HRB holder makes all the decisions and the generated profits are precisely handed out to the token holders.

The Harbour team remains committed to building a fully autonomous system that supports the token ecosystem. The decision in delay of token sale stems with the responsibility that the community to ensure 100% compliance.

The exciting developments are arriving soon @Harbour..!!

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Team Members

Addison Cameron Huff - Senior Legal

Dean Eigenmann - Co-Founder & CEO

Dylan Dewdney - Co-Founder & CSO

Nick Jorens - Co-Founder & CIO

Klajdi Ciraku - Co-Founder & CMO

Douglas Tarabini - Senior bramding & Marketing Advisor


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