Hedge Token

Platform for crypto instruments and crypto index

Token: HDG

Industry : Financial Service

ICO Start Date: 15-09-2017 (278)

ICO Closing Date: 15-10-2017 (248)


HEDGE is a fin-tech start-up company. Hedge has a unique set of tools which provides an opportunity to enter the world of digital assets and bring new economy closer to the community. It establishes stronger access to hedge and increases market liquidity in order to use derivative instruments in cryptocurrency. Basically, they are developing a blockchain based HEDGE platform, especially for crypto instruments.

Hedge Project is aimed to develop the ideal platform. It also serves as a backbone for diversification through flagship products such as “Crypto Traded Indices” (CTIs). Hedge platform implements crypto investors to manage the risk exposure and has a good market. The hedge is in the course of launching the set of professionally designed indices for the crypto market. The first indices will serve as a base for construction of cryptocurrencies basket.

An HDG token is considered as a utility ticket for transactions on the platform. The use or listing of instruments will be conditioned by the purchase of the token. The tokens which are Periodical purchased will be executed with the excess fees gathered from the platform.

Token distribution: 20% of tokens are allocated to team members, 7% of tokens are given to advisors, 5% of tokens are allotted to initial investors and future partners. 3% of tokens are distributed to contributors and 60% is allotted to crowdsale.


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Team Members

Savo Lovsin - Head Project Manager

Giovanni Lesna - Product development

Janez Benedik - Investment Analyst

Kristjan Dekleva - Investment analyst

Luka Gubo - Advisor

Gasper Stih - Brand Manager

Jure Grabnar - Developer

Matej Zrimsek - Developer

Klemen Gantar - Developer

Matic Nedog - Legal

Primoz Novak - Legal


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