Online Speech Translator for phone calls and general using

Token: HIME

Industry : Communication

ICO Start Date: 16-11-2017 (188)

ICO Closing Date: 16-02-2018 (96)


HIME is a platform for business and clients’ communications with the market for turning crypto-currencies. It is innovative services for personal and business communications. HIME is freely integrated and known as the market for cryptocurrencies. It also blurs the boundaries between languages, business, and customers.


  • B2B & B2C:- This is a solution for realizing the probability of communication between business and the client. The business cards are meant for communications on this platform
  • Ecosystem: - It has potential to integrate software solutions into the HIME platform. It creates a market for software products.
  • Smart search: - HIME has smart search with the capacity to search for any offers of any integrated products.
  • Calls translators: - User can call any person and speak that person’s language. There are about 50 languages available.
  • P2P translators: - User can easily scan the QR code of the interlocutor and speak his language.
  • Business Translator: - User can go the institution of his choice, and then select the language and the staff will understand which he speaks.

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Team Members

Vladimir Samoilovich - Co-founder

Ivan Zaparovanyi - Co-founder & CTO

Marat Daulbaiev - Co-founder

Denis Volkov - Team lead

Muzhyk Andrey - Back-end developer

Rogovoy Vitaliy - Mobile developer

Zamediankyi Vitaliy - Product Designer

Aleksandr Rudavka - IOS developer

Mikhail Kozhushko - SIP and security specialist

Krivenko Еvgeniy - Senior QA

Maxim Kazmin - Specialist in digital marketing

Dmitriy Velychko - Developer

Iryna Oleynikova - Advisor

Maxim Plahtiy - Advisor

Alexander Pavlenko - Advisor


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