Hive Project

Crypto currency invoice financing platform

Token: HVN

Industry : Financial Service

ICO Start Date: 03-07-2017 (379)

ICO Closing Date: 14-08-2017 (337)


Hive utilizes blockchain technology to give every issued a unique fingerprint. The team is creating a central data room for all invoices which has all the records of the issuer, owner, and payer. These invoices can be offered for marketing and trading purpose. It frequently increases the liquidity of small businesses and designs a central database of invoices available for scoring and auditing. This provides business to automate the invoicing process and access it to the general public.

The technology provided by Hive helps to check the credit made on companies which enable rapid and real-time auditing. Hive is a blockchain based platform that provides fast and low-cost liquidity. The hive platform is creating a distributed and highly productive public ledger which opens up new sources of finance to SMEs. The cryptographic protection of these accounting entries, eradicates duplicates are ensured by the public blockchain ledger which can be accessed through the Hive Project Platform. The hive has dynamic algorithms that use blockchain’s source of truth to facilities the market with financial data related to small business and third parties.

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Team Members

Jure Sobocan - Design Lead / Slovenia

Ugur Yildirim - Finance Advisor / Slovenia

Vasja Zupan - Business and Strategy Advisor / Slovenia

Richard D. Titus - Entrepreneur- CEO- coach and senior technology- Internet- and media executive / USA

Michael Terpin - Blockchain Adviser- CEO- Transform Group; Chairman- BitAngels / USA

Tomislav Mucic - Blockchain auditing / Slovenia

Jure Soklic - CO-Founder and CEO / Slovenia

Dejan Jovanovic - CO-Founder and CTO / Canada

Oliver Muldoon - Finance Lead / United Kingdom

Domen Ursic - CMO / Slovenia

Stanimir Savov - Blockchain Lead / Bulgaria

Georgi Georgiev - Blockchain Developer / Bulgaria

Ivan Dikov - Blockchain Developer/ Bulgaria

Gal Jakic - Community Manager / Slovenia

Tom Sperry - Investor / USA

Jure Soklic - CO-Founder and CEO / Slovenia


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