Honestis Network

Portable Identity Provider with Artificial Smart companion

Token: HNT

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 17-09-2017 (276)

ICO Closing Date: 05-11-2017 (227)


Honestis.Network is a process of the application that brings the user to the next level of the security. The user can choose his own path and define the way of engaging others. The journey is going to be safe and pace will match the needs. The user can easily trade his data for own profits; control the data so that no other host company can investigate into it without the permission.

This is an internet ecosystem for the community. A user can create his individual image for the chain, create the business identity and keep it safe. Honestis.Network is a decentralized application which is based on blockchain and p2p technology like fogs, cloud, grids. This runs without any operators, communities, and users.

Honetis.Network has unstoppable data which is decentralized and its centers are distributed around the world. It is portable in nature and user can purchase it for ETH 5000. The user can adapt the framework to this decentralized technology and purchase price is ETH 2000.


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Team Members

Brennan Bennett - CBO

Barney - CMO

Tomasz Waszcysk - Front end Developer

Shaka - Designer

Mateusz Hirsch - Project Manager and Software BackEnd Developer

Maciej Wierzbowski - CTO

Kallol Roy - Advisor

Alan Yong - Author


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