Hubii Network

Blockchain based decentralized content marketplace.

Token: HBT

Industry : Media

ICO Start Date: 24-08-2017 (327)

ICO Closing Date: 07-09-2017 (313)


Hubii’s influences at creating the novel leading decentralized Ethereum-based content marketplace where initiators and rights holders can meet distribution networks and reach content buyers directly. Through the use of smart contracts, the integrity of the rights will be maintained. The smart contracts use permits the Hubii Network to fix the fundamental deadlocks in the content industry and apply mechanics that are never adapted before in the market. All these features will be expressed along with transparency, accountability, and security over the transactions that use new cryptocurrency, Hubiits(HUB). The entire Hubii network shall be open source and decentralized in nature.


Product Features:

  • ERC20 Token- Token with practical utility
  • Open Source- Secured by the Ethereum protocol
  • Backed by the industry- An existing, successful business with wide industry backing.
  • Content Type Agnostic: Text, Audio, Video, Image,…

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Team Members

Jacobo Toll-Messia - CEO & Founder

Jens Ivar Jordre PhD - CTO

Mark Briscombe MPhys - Special Adviser

Oyvind Pedersen Jr - Special Adviser

Barbara Hüeppe- PhD - Communication Director

Federico Mesquida- PhD - Special Adviser


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