Hyperconnect the World

Token: ICX

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 20-09-2017 (273)

ICO Closing Date: 20-09-2017 (273)


ICON is a decentralized application (DAPPs) that includes blockchain ID and payment exchange. It benefits all the current and future communities. The blockchain ID is issued by financial securities community. It is utilized for ID verification in the communities. It encourages communities that are compressed with reputed institutions such as banks, securities, insurance, hospitals universities and more. The ICX that is issued by hospitals can be used for payment & exchange in all communities.

Smart contract based Blockchain ID: - The blockchain ID is issued through smart Contract. It is used for verification in all communities. The user can open bank accounts within few seconds and receive student discounts without any physical student IDs.

Decentralized Exchange, Payment & Exchange: - ICON wallet is used to transfer, settle and exchange currencies in real time through DEX (Decentralized Exchange). It is utilized in daily lives with network communities such as banks, securities, insurance, and universities.

The ICON is working to build a blockchain technology that is useful in everyday life. It is aids ‘DAVinCI’ an artificial intelligence solution. It is trusted by many well-known institutions in the world. The team aims to structure a real-world application for real communities. ICON is adaptable to the cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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Team Members

Don Tapscott - Advisor

Jason Best - Advisor

Yiseul Cho - Advisor

Ismail Malik - Advisor

Simon Seojoon Kim - Advisor

Eddy Travia - Advisor

Jehan Chu - Advisor

Sunghwan Kim - AI Department Leader

SH Park - AI Director

Seok Heo - AI Developer

ST Kwon - Data Engineer

SY Kim - Product Manager

YG Lim - Product Manager

Nathan Kim - Product Manager

Flora Kim - Product Manager

Amy Jung - Product Manager

Jiyoung Lee - Product Manager

Henry Hyunil - Lee Product Manager

Dongok Ryu - Blockchain Developer

Hyunkoo Shin - Blockchain Developer

ByeongKil Sohn - Blockchain Developer

Jintae Hwang - Blockchain Developer

Junghwan Ahn - Blockchain Developer

Jungsang Yoo - Blockchain Developer

Chunghyun Kim - Blockchain Developer

Heizel Kim - Blockchain Developer

Jinho Yoo - Blockchain Developer

US Byun - UX Design Department Leader

Mingyeong Song - Design Department Manager

Gail Kang - Marketing Department Leader

Kyungmin Chun - Security Department Leader

Joon Heo - Security Department Manager

KJ Eee - Foundation Council

JH Kim - Foundation Council

Jay Kim - Foundation Council

Hoon Lee - Foundation Council

Min Kim - Foundation Council


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