One ICO to rule them all

Token: ICOS

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 15-08-2017 (336)

ICO Closing Date: 15-09-2017 (305)


ICOS is the first token that allows blockchain community to poll for the best projects. It is brought to the existence through their own ICOs. This is a first token that gives token holders an access to all future presales of such ICOs with a discount of 75%. All the 100% of funds are raised through ICO of ICOS and is utilized to conduct prospective projects ICO with ICOBox Tools.

ICOS has Smart Contract with Smart Contract Management System. It is a book building platform that is consulted by developers on setting up the technology tools. The marketing scheme comprises over 70 tactics, which specify each tactic’s potential impact. It has USD 14,000 traffic package which includes Facebook, Twitter, Adwords and Reddit to target Blockchain Community. The Bounty Program is set up to conduct marketing campaigns in 25 languages. The pricing ranges from 25 BTC – 50 BTC on every solution.

ICO is best fundraising tool for the following projects:-

  • Tokens backed by physical assets that are used by token holders as a consumable or useful product.
  • Tokens that provide their holders a unique price offers such as discounts for products and services.
  • Tokens which give their holders, access to the unique products. At the same time give access to nonpublic communities and members for licenses and specific software  

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Team Members

Mike Raitsyn - Founder

Niсk Evdokimov - Founder

Anar Babaev - Founder

Daria Generalova - Founder

Dmitry Khovratovich - Security and Smart Contract CTO

Mikhail Vladimirov - Smart Contract Developer

Taras Kozlov - Tech Lead

Aleksey Kuleshov - Senior Software Engineer

Sergei Motov - Legal Counsel

Dima Zaitsev - Head of International PR

Katerina Miller - Communications Director

Daniel Minkov - Senior Product Manager

Dmitry Kovalchouk - Business Analyst

Alexey Zarya - Business Analyst

Vlad Shchetinin - Head of sales

Aleksandr Minakov - Нead of Investor Relations

Nikita Marin - Business Analyst

Eduard Dzhamgaryan - Chief Business Development Officer

Vitaly Pirozhkov - Business Analyst

Mike Volkov - Business Analyst

Dmitry Lyamenkov - Business Analyst

Artem Lebusov - Business Process Manager

Alex Linenko - Lead Business Developer

Tony Boger IpTS - project developer

Ilya Urmanov - Product Manager

Gregory Klumov - Member of Investment Committee

Jason Corbett - ICO Legal Counsel

Alexander Nektorov - ICO Legal Counsel

Peter Khokhlov - ICO Legal Counsel

Yuriy Borisov - ICO Legal Counsel


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