IHT Real Estate Protocol

Global Real Estate Blockchain Cloud Platform

Token: IHT

Industry : Real Estate

ICO Start Date: 05-02-2018 (107)

ICO Closing Date: 23-02-2018 (89)


IHT associates global real estate market with the blockchain mechanism. It creates a digital credit society and integrates the global real estate market. The IHT Real estate protocol utilizes smart contract technology that splits real estate under the i-House.com platform. This has divided large real estate projects into multiple different financial institutions that utilize trustless, anti-tampering, co-supervision and traceability of smart contracts. The process allows users to invest small amounts of capital into real estate, which delivers lower risks and higher returns.

The IHT Real Estate protocol is planning to launch as “Protocol-as-a-service” platform. The second component of the IHT real Estate protocol is an asset segmentation and management platform. It consists of blockchain network and ultimately expands into a fully-fledged financial exchange which will improve the liquidity of assets. It functions as a neutral platform on which both asset owners and investors can browse for deals.

The IHT Coin is operated by IHT token. Basically, IHT Real Estate is a blockchain based platform which aims to make micro-investments into the real estate industry. The IHT Real Estate Protocol is based on smart contract blockchain network. It aims to associates the blockchain in real estate industry that allows real estate developers, financial institutions, and their users to assemble at one single platform.



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Team Members

Ricky Ng - Chairman and Founder

Evan Kim - Chief Operating Officer

Nana Chen - Chief Marketing Officer

Eric Yao - Chief Blockchain Officer

Kevin Leung - Chief Financial Officer

Henry Yu - Chief Legal Advisor

JC Xu - Blockchain Consultant

Neil Jiang - Senior Product Manager

Ares Xie - Leader of Technical Department

Catherine Su - Chairman Secretary & Legal Specialist


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