Decentralized Professional Network

Token: IND

Industry : Network

ICO Start Date: 08-08-2017 (343)

ICO Closing Date: 08-09-2017 (312)


Indorse elevates to uplift all the professional skills. It is a CV Visualizer which validates skills when the user establishes his skills on the CV; they are validated and endorsed by the experts in the domain. The Curriculum Vitae is beautifully enhanced which highlights the best CV out of all. The user can also export the created profile as a PDF file. Indorse is based on the blockchain.

Indorse is a reformed platform. It utilizes new models of tokenization and decentralized to alter the structure of the professional social network. Indorse goals to give back ownership of the data to the user. It allows them to gain profit from sharing their skills and activities on the platform. Indorse utilizes internal reward system to compensate user to provide their skills. 

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Team Members

David Moskowitz - Project Head

Gaurang Torvekar - Technical Lead

Dipesh Sukhani - Operations Manager

Avadhoot Kulkarni - Marketing Manager

Dave Appleton - Smart Contracts Developer

Harsh Nene - Senior Developer

Kedar Vaidya - Senior Developer

Gauri Gadgil - Designer

Prasanna Venkatesan - Consulting Architect

Brian Ip - Development Asscosiate


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