Decentralized gaming PvP platform

Token: IQN

Industry : Gaming

ICO Start Date: 30-01-2018 (113)

ICO Closing Date: 18-03-2018 (66)


IQeon is decentralized gaming PVP platform. It represents an infrastructure which allows users to integrate the games, applications, and service which are based on intelligent competitions between users. It is supported by Ethereum blockchain and mechanism of Smart contracts. It is on the basis of issuing IQeon tokens and provides perpetuation and accuracy of the conditions of each competition and ensures the victory.

Benefits of IQeon token holders:-

  • General Ecosystem:- IQeon internal currency is earned in one game and is utilized in another game.
  • The growth of IQeon’s value:- IQeon involves third-party developers into I-Qeon ecosystem and expands the product line. It will lead the growth of user’s audiences and increases the demand for IQeon token.
  • Exchange for another cryptocurrency: - IQeon token can be exchanged for another cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and so on.
  • Protection against fraud: - The utilization of blockchain technology and smart contract ensures that the terms and conditions of each dispute are recorded. It invariably ensures the payment of the winnings.
  • Transfer to Mastercard:- IQeon token can be exchanged for fiat money. The user can send his money to Mastercard by using his platform wallet.
  • Anonymity:- IQeon platform allows players to be unknown

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Team Members

Vadim Dovguchits - CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Igor Podlesny - CSO (Chief Strategy Officer)

Pavel Kazimirenko - CTO (Chief Technical Officer)

Samoilo Alexander - Financial Consultant

Alexander Pavlov - COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Roman Glushchuk - The representative of IQeon in the United States and Canada

Alexander Paramonov - CLO (Chief Legal Officer)

Mikhail Larchanka - Blockchain dev

Timur Latfulin - CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

Denis Tolstashov - Head of Mobile Development

Dmitri Markevich - Smart Contract Developer

Anastasia Petrenko - PM/BA (Project Manager- Business Analyst)

Pavel Sakun - Software Development Engineer

Paul Moukhin - Digital Marketing Strategist

Vitalik Lagutik - Community Coordinator

Richard Dilendorf - Advisor

Genadijs Dola - Advisor

Maksim Halinouski - Advisor

Vyacheslav Fedorov - Advisor

Aleksejs Cepulskis - Advisor


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