From virtual to reality using blockchain

Token: IZX

Industry : Gaming

ICO Start Date: 11-05-2018 (40)

ICO Closing Date: 31-05-2018 (20)


IZX offers a monetization platform for independent developers of games with components with enhanced or virtual reality. The games can be chosen by advertising provider and be used for its promotional events. The developers of these games receive royalties.  This platform is based on blockchain and its code has open source. It doesn’t have any geographical boundaries. 

The mobile application is very simple to use. Any street walker looking at smartphone can be represented as the audience. The tokens for players look like a tempting pizza, a cup of coffee or money. These are dispersed around cities so that player can find them on the map and point the camera of the smartphone with IZX application installed at a token.

As soon as the player installs IZX app, he directly becomes the owner of a crypto – wallet. He receives the crypto tokens after he gains his first virtual prize through IZX app. The prize received by the player is represented by IZX tokens and be easily exchanged at market rate for other cryptocurrencies.   

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Team Members

Alexey Zagainov - Founder- Chief Executive Officer

Alexey Studnev - Founder- Chief Executive Officer

Alexander Gryaznov - Founder- Business Development Officer

Artem Gordov - Founder

Denis Ershov - Founder- Partner

Konstantin Kurilov - Mobile Developer

Nikita Kuptsov - Communications Director

Anna Blinova - Designer- UX Specialist


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