Joy Token

Finally, a new online gambling crypto-currency that is trusted globally

Token: Joy

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 27-02-2018 (85)

ICO Closing Date: 29-03-2018 (55)


Joy Token is an innovative platform which is used for creating and marketing online casino games.  Joy Token is based on Ethereum blockchain technology. The smart contract provides scalability, transparency and global adoption. Joy Token is still in the process to be developed as a platform for the development of online casino games.


  1. PlayCosmo Casino:-
  2. Regulatory:- PlayCosmo is joytoken’s own online casino which is licensed in UK, Malta, and Curacao
  3. Games:- PlayCosmo provides wide ranges of games which include the tried and tested which players like to play.
  • Smart Games:- The independent developer games is also included on the site.
  1. Testing: - Developers can easily test their games before a general release to other operator’s casino websites.


  1. Developers:-
  2. No Compliance issues:- Joy Gaming is handling all the compliance, legal and licensing requirements of the games which are been developed in all relevant markets
  3. Blockchain Integration:- The developers have properly integrated the blockchain technology in the system
  • Market Access: - Joy Gaming is handling the marketing of developer’s games and provides access to other operator’s site through the existing and new contracts.
  1. Transparency and Rewards: - The games and earnings can be checked through the Smart contracts. The money earned is paid to the developers in Joy Tokens


  1. Ecosystem;-
  2. Capital:- Joytoken enables game developers and players to participate in the supporting the bets which have shared capital and risk with casino reward
  3. Game Developers: - Joytoken provides a platform for small software houses and innovative developers to furnish and enable a route to market.


ICO Details:-

  • Token:- JOY
  • Platform:- Ethereum
  • Accepting:- ETH, BTC
  • Price:- 1 JOY = 0.2 USD
  • Soft cap 1000000 USD
  • Hard cap 46340000 USD
  • ICO Start Date:- 01st December 2017
  • ICO End Date:- 02nd February 2018

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Team Members

Andrew MacDonald - CEO

Mike Leys - CMO

Steve Giordano Imbroll - CTO

Nathen Lockett - Compliance Specialist

Adam Spargo - Marketing Partner Specialist

Grzegorz Dymek - Site Leader / Backend Developer


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