Token: K2G

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 19-04-2018 (62)

ICO Closing Date: 25-06-2018 (5)


We reduce insurance costs for safer drivers, making streets safe and promoting overall driving culture. Our AI technology, world-class team and unique business model make us believe we can disrupt whole insurance industry.

Our dominant competitive advantages revolve specifically around solving the industry’s biggest challenges: costs, precision, effectiveness and use of high-tech tools.

– Kasko2Go offers 20 to 50% cheaper services than our competitors. How? By having more accurate data and intelligently minimizing expenses.

– GetMeIns TM, our award-winning anti-fraud system is so precise that we estimate up to a 98% decrease in fraud-related losses (57% of total repair costs invoiced are fraudulent according to Aviva)

Simply imagine the enormous financial advantages of being less susceptible to fraud!

– No more faceless bureaucracy: by using AI and precise telematics, we bring nuance to car insurance cases. This ensures accurate investigations, better payments, cheaper premiums and more!

– Israel military-grade AI technology prevents double-claiming by turning every car damage incident into a “digital fingerprint”. Every “fingerprint” is associated with a specific case, making it easily identifiable. No more confusion or administrative mix-ups.

– 5+ years of researching millions of drivers. We possess the most accurate understanding of global driving patterns. We have been Google’s official supplier of telematic data since 2012. Our unrivaled accuracy allows us to offer a vastly cheaper.

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Team Members

Genadi Man - Co-Founder- CEO

Raj Singh - Co-Founder- Board Member

Dmitry Bakutin - CEO R-Telematica and Start Kasko2go

Eugene Greenberg - CEO Click-Ins Ltd

Dimitri Wulich - Senior Risk Manager

Andriy Khavryuchenko - Lead blockchain architect

Arina Man - Co-Founder- Board Member

Dmitry Geyzersky - CTO Click-Ins Ltd

David Ben Ha’rosh - Investigator- AI Expert Click-Ins Ltd

Zeev Hazan - COO Click-Ins Ltd

Dr Evgeny Medvedev - Chief Scientist- Computer Vision and Photogrammetry Click-Ins Ltd

Anna Petrova - Insurance Underwriting- Financial Modelling

Nikolay Gora - Head of Project Development

Konstantin Kupriyanov - Marketing Communications Director


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