Introducing student accommodation to the blockchain

Token: KEX

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 15-09-2017 (278)

ICO Closing Date: 14-10-2017 (249)


KexCoins cryptocurrency tokens are issued to participants through a crowd fund. Those funds are used to acquiesce in the student investment property market which brings reliable returns. The funds raised through the sales of KexCoins will be purchased at high yielding student properties. The properties generate rental profits and Kexcoin’s team began buying KexCoins from participants and then destroyed them. Simultaneously, it raises the value of all remaining KexCoins.

“Kexgill” is an associated company to Kexcoin which has been investing and growing their European portfolio for almost 39 years. They are a well – respected award winning student accommodation specialist. The friction – less nature of conducting a crowd fund uses cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, so that candidate can participate.

KexCoin ICO can be accepted for any Kexcoin or Kexgill group property for the use of paying rents, provided it must be completed and snapshot has been performed. The new services providers will be invited to join the movement. It increases adoption and aids further transaction volume and liquidity to grow market place. The Kexcoin project has team consisting experienced business, property and technology professionals.

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Team Members

Simon Lee - Kexcoin Founder & Visionary

Dr. Micheal Lee - Chairman of the Kexgill Group

Richard Stott - Group Managing Director of Kexgill

Michelle Fang - Finacial Analyst and Mandarin Speaker

Chris Coney - Consulant and Chief Technical Officer


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