Unified platform for ICO crowdfunding

Token: KC

Industry : CryptoCurrency

ICO Start Date: 29-08-2017 (322)

ICO Closing Date: 16-09-2017 (304)


KICKICO is a boon to innovators, game developers, blockchain leaders, entrepreneurs, and designers. The cryptocurrenices are illusionary components which has made this vision technically possible. This gives the opportunity to build crowdfunding platform with the blockchain modules of decentralization, translucent and rectifiable. The cryptocurrency and KICKONOMY’s power supports thousands of plans to come true. KICKICO helps them to find assets and support their modules to make their dream become reality. The cryptocurrency and KICKONOMY’s power supports thousands of plans to come true. KICKICO is a blockchain-powered crowdfunding 2.0 platform.

KICKICO has integrated two industries such as blockchain and crowdfunding. The KICKICO supports three kinds of fundraising campaigns such as ICO, Crowdinvesting and Crowdfunding. This crowdfunding is already happening and it got advertising around 2009. The futurists are with a plan to reshape crowdfunding by utilizing blockchain. KICKICO has tools that provide opportunities to launch ICOs, pre-ICOs and crowdfunding campaigns. It provides support for the services related to the launching of ICOs, pre-ICOs and Crowdfunding. It also ensures safety of PreICO, ICO and other crowfunding campaigns for their internal payments.

“KickCoin” digital token is a virtual currency that is designed to be used by project authors for mutual settlements. KickCoin is an ETH- based token which is designed on ERC20 token of Ethereum blockchain. KickCoin is a cryptocurrency rewarded to backers that supports preICO, ICO or Crowdfunding Campaigns. KICKICO is partnered with ICORATING, Bancor, C, and QION.



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Team Members

Anti A. Danilevski - Founder and CEO

Alexander Petrov - Co-founder and CFO

Andrew Perepelitsa - Co-founder- CTO and Solidity developer

Petr Yakimchuk - Backend developer

Dmitry Raskladka - Chief Business Developer

Verdandi Cao - Lead designer

Mikhail Sergeev - Head of community management

Nikolay Syusko - Chief marketing officer

Yury Parsamov - Strategic partnership manager

Anastasia Balashova - Senior communications executive

Pacatum Solidity - Developers

Kelley Weaver - PR & Media

Nikki Brown - PR & Media

Jesse Lucas - PR & Media

Conor O'Higgins - PR & Media

Zhang Sunrui - PR & Media


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