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Token: KRT

Industry : CryptoCurrency

ICO Start Date: 03-10-2017 (260)

ICO Closing Date: 03-01-2018 (168)


Kredits (KRX) is the new cryptocurrency that is discharged with KredX. It is a recommended and determined currency for the use overall features of the KredX App. Kredits is created as a Git-Fork of the CryptoNote Currency. It is an Anonymous Cryptocurrency with analysis resistant Blockchain to secure the privacy of its Users and upgrade the functional value of the Currency. Kredit is used as a paltry Currency for all in-app purchases and advertising prices.

Kredits is an open-source and a forkable project on Git-Hub and is created as a framework for all cryptocurrencies using the KredX blockchain Creator. The platform is built on brand new cryptocurrency called “Kredits” (KRX). It is known Motherchain for all KredX blockchains. It is an exclusive Decentralized Social Network that allows Users to Connect and socialize with each other using a full range of content in an exhaustive and autonomous fashion.  

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Team Members

Daniele Ronchese - Head of Blockchain Development

Gabriele Ronchese - Head of Marketing

David Rees - Head of Sales

Neeraj Pandey - Head of App Development

Ankit Agrawal - Sr. Development Team Leader

Adarsh Tripathi - Brand Manager

Reetesh Gupta - Sr. PHP Developer

Ashish Agarwal - Digital Marketing Manager

Vinay Gupta - Sr. PHP Developer

Aman Bhaskar - Sr. Java Developer

Aman Mishra - Sr. PHP Developer

Deepak Singh - Sr. HTML Developer

Rahul Jaiswal - WordPress Developer

Nikhil Singh - Sr. Web Designer

Prashant Singh - Sr. Android Developer

Rohit Pandey - Sr. Graphics Designer


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