We transform any surface into a smart surface

Token: PIX

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 09-08-2017 (342)

ICO Closing Date: 18-08-2017 (333)


Lampix is the first blockchain which is based on “Image Mining” network for augmented reality. The data is a vital essential for augmenting reality systems that range from Smartphone, wearable glasses and so on. The team is designing a new blockchain that holds all the data-sets of real-world objects.

Lampix is a hardware and software solution. It transforms the flat surface into a smart, augmented reality surface and frees human-computer interacting from digital screens. It is an open source API that combines both computer vision and artificial intelligence. The developers can design applications and content to connect with real-world objects.

The user can be free from digital screens and utilize an application that makes life easier and more enjoyable. The applications for the lampix are limited by fantasy. It is one of the largest computer vision machine learning databases for the development of augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

The database is the tool for every augmented and virtual reality developer to use their own applications. The computer vision and machine learning are vulnerable on the feasibility of data which is curated and defined.

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Team Members

George POPESCU - CEO Lampix


Joe Zhou - CEO & Co-Founder at Firstblood- Mentor at Babson GEIR

Mike Mazier - Crypto Developer- Serial Entrepreneur

Catherine Barba - Serial Entrepreneur with multiple exits focused on retail technology

Lior Zysman - Legal Advisor ZAG-S&W /Blockchain Projects

Rich Alterman - EVP Business Development at GDS Link- LLC

Gilad Woltsovitch - Serial Entrepreneur

Daniel Temkin - Co-Founder at FirstBlood Technologies- Inc.

Simon Leger - Professional Crypto-trader and Market Maker

Pavel Kapelnikov - Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

Lenny Valdberg - President and Co-Founder of Vigo Industries- Serial Entrepreneur

Igor Kapelnikov - CTO at CTC Transportation Insurance Services

Cristina DOLAN - Advisor

Alan SMITHSON - Advisor


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