Local World Forwarders

The first decentralized logistics platform in the world

Token: LWF

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 23-01-2018 (120)

ICO Closing Date: 23-02-2018 (89)


Local World Forwarders is the first decentralized logistics platform in the world. It was established with a vision to bring together the world’s shipments market and blockchain technology. The team has developed a system for the management and tracking of orders which is secure, transparent and open to the era of cryptocurrency payments.

LWF has huge profit opportunities for big players in the global shipment markets. It is a simple and secure source of revenue who wants to work and earn money with irrespective of their schedule. The large shipping firms will expand their market area by utilizing blockchain technology to their order management systems.


  • P2P freight forwarding: - This is the first practical model for secure and decentralized logistics. This service that allows anyone to receive or transfer parcels across the globe.
  • Direct logistics: - It is fully equipped LWF logistics base which is deployed to assure continuous service 365 days a year. It also aims to start new services in coming years
  • Mobile app & express P2P delivery: - The LWF mobile app helps the user to request same-day parcel deliveries from his home to a nearby destination through the forwarders.
  • P2P parcel collection points: - The service users can deliver their parcels by forwarders. They also ensure them to keep safe and ready for their delivery. The forwarder will also agree a preferred delivery time.



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Team Members

Angelo Melis - Founder & Head of the Project

Fabio Legrenzi - Co-Founder

Stefano Gessa - CTO

Davide Puddu - Frontend Developer

Roberto Randine - Graphic Designer- UX Developer

Domenico Birardi - Blockchain Expert- Smart Contract Developer

Gianluca Raimondi - Senior Advisor

Yonghoon Lim - Security Advisor

Alessandro Tozzi - Startup Advisor & Bounty Manager

LI HUA - Asian Community Manager

LI HUI - Asian Community Manager

Stefano Formenti - Legal Advisor

Alessandro Sartori - Developer

Gianmatteo Ugolini - Manager of Warehouse and Logistics

Carl Anthony - Community Guru

Elisha Owusu Akyaw - Chief Marketing Officer


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