Lordmancer II

Open-world MMORPG on mobile, mining cryptocurrency

Token: LC

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 07-11-2017 (251)

ICO Closing Date: 20-12-2017 (208)


Lordmancer II is a mobile free to play colossal multiplayer online RPG. The game is under open beta testing on Android. It features Real-time player-versus-player interaction. It has vast constant expansion game world. This is a game economy which is based on open market and traders between players. The Clash of Clans for territories captures castles and mining resources. It allows players to mine cryptocurrency and consume it on both external and internal side of the game

The team has designed a safe space for trading and features in- and an extra-game economy that utilizes a cryptocurrency token called LordCoin (LC). It is payment mode for player-to-player trades which allows the sale of unique or rare game content. LC tokens can enter the game economy after being purchased at a cryptocurrency exchange. The developers provide safe spaces for players who are new to cryptocurrency markets. These players can trade LCs for traditional currencies.

The players can trade on an open game market by utilizing LordCoins (LC) which is a payment mode. If LordCoins transacts the game receive a commission of 20% and 50% is burned out and other half goes to the Game Funds Ethereum Wallet. The Game Funds are utilized by the game developer to back the operations such as Server costs, player support, and Marketing activities.

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Team Members

Anton Telitsyn - Co-founder- CEO

Ilya Mikov - Co-founder

Petr Klepcin - Team lead

Andrey Zobov - Lead designer

Alex Onuchin - Game designer

Anton Semakin - Lead 2D artist

Maxim Skrupski - Senior developer

Ildar Fasckhetdinov - Client side

Eugene Kostarev - Server developer

Marsel Atnyashev - Developer

Shaban Shaame - Advisor

Peter Van Dyke - Advisor

Dmitry Sutormin - Advisor

Greg Limon - Advisor

Stan Milc - Advisor


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