Save millions of lives

Token: LVN

Industry : Health care Industry

ICO Start Date: 12-12-2017 (162)

ICO Closing Date: 28-02-2018 (84)


Luven is a unique cancer diagnostic technology that is designed to save millions of lives. Luven technology permits to detect the disease in the early stage and prevents its progression in thousands of patients. It prevents its progression in thousands of patients. Luven technology allows doctors to detect the disease in the early stages


  • Luven has the accuracy of its high diagnostic accuracy at very low cost.
  • Luven has one examination which replaces several types of diagnostic tests
  • Luven is utilized to detect the disease at the early stage.
  • Luven allows patients for patients for periodic checkups which avoids non-effective drug therapies.
  • Luven observes metastatic lesions when other diagnostic methods are helpless.

It is unique technology which differentiates between chronic inflammatory conditions and cancer. The diagnostic techniques include paracentesis test.

Allocation of Funds

Our sales target

At the preICO stage - 3 000 000 tokens (1st day bonus – 30%, 1st-week bonus – 25%, 2nd week bonus – 20%, 3d week bonus – 15%)

At the ICO stage - 27 000 000 (1st week – 10%, 1 to 1 onwards)

9,000,000 tokens will be kept by the founders and developers of Luven Diagnostic.

Bonuses will be also awarded for the investment volume

>= 5,000 ETH 5%

>= 3,000 ETH 4%

>= 1,000 ETH 3%

>= 100 ETH 2%

>= 3 ETH 1%

Token standard: ERC20.

Rate: 1$ = 1 LVN

Participation in ICO is possible both with Ethereum and Bitcoin.


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Team Members

Alexander Danilchenko - CEO

Nikolay Shchukin - Postgraduate Student of Chair for Biomedical Engineering

Aleksander Shchukin - Nuclear physicist

Galina Shchukina - Geneticist & Cytologist

Grigory Evglevskiy - CTO

Alexander Kamensky - Principal Software Engineer

Yana Ivchenko - PR Manager

Lina Lisitsa - SMO/SMM Manager

Eugene Chernogubov - Early investor


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