The First Marketing Cloud for Blockchain

Token: LDN

Industry : Software

ICO Start Date: 30-01-2018 (113)

ICO Closing Date: 14-02-2018 (98)


Lydian is a marketing company which is designed for the crypto industry. It is advertising services that are been operated under the development of the Gravity4 Corporate family. The Lydian users can consult and transact their token to Lydian in exchange for state of the art marketing services. It is provided by DaVincill’s family of companies at the set rate. The Lydian token is a utility token which allows token holders to purchase targeted, AI-driven digital marketing.

The Lydian token can utilize and have access to a new protocol called “Whisper Network”. The alternative protocol of Blockchain is a blockless ledger system which contains no cycles as it utilizes each transaction on its chain to solve the other one. Lydian is building two decentralized application utilizing their own Whisper Network Protocol.

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Team Members

Kamal Kaur - Chairwoman & CEO

Sydney Ifergan - Chief Marketing Officer

Kevin Huang - Managing Director – Asia

Belinda Montes - CFO- Asia


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