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Token: MRK

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 23-01-2018 (120)

ICO Closing Date: 28-02-2018 (84)


MarkSpace isan open source platform for creation of 3D and VR compatible web-spaces (websites) and objects, powered by Blockchain. Since there is increasing demand for virtualization of commercial projects, it is difficult to implement. 

The intricacy of mining cryptocurrency is rapidly growing and many cryptocurrencies initially use POS or plan to switch to POW. Mark.Space has hundreds of thousands of high-end renders that requires terabytes of content to create. The team has designed a protocol which is decentralized and renders the data storage. Miners can easily download the program for rendering. Users will be rewarded in the form of MRK tokens. The ecosystem also implies a great number of transactions.

All the popular social communities with advertising revenues are owned and operated by a single corporation. User can become a creator of MARK.SPACE community. He can select between the districts “Business”, “Community”, “Shopping” and Residences. These social communities have dispersed the management roles and revenues.  

The MRK tokens are utility token. The user can utilize them for selling real and virtual goods and service which hires employees and pays for their work. All the miners will be paid in token and supports platform.

"User can become a MARK.SPACE community creator and choose between the districts “Business”, “Community”, “Shopping” and Residences. These social communities have dispersed the management roles and revenues."

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Team Members

Yana Kontorovich - CEO & Founder

Evgeny Malkin - Co-founder

Oleg Ershov - Managing Partner

Denis Polulyakhov - Managing Partner- CBDO

Pavel Tretyakov - CMO

Vladimir Shliapin - CTO- IT-developer

Alexander Shtankovsky - Head of Developers- IT-developer

Siruz Faramarz - Head of VR & 3D Department

Sergey Kulikov - Head of Digital Advertising

Alexandra Golovina - Communications Expert- Content Creator

Andrei Kalashnikov - Communications Manager- Translator

Boris Baranov - Editor- Localization- Community Manager

Darya Kolessova - Asian Region Community Manager

Andrey Sinyakov - Asian Region Community Manager (China)

Joji Natsui - Asian Region Community Manager (Japan)

Yaroslav Karpov - Asian Region Community Manager- Translator (Japan)

Eric Benz - Advisor - Managing director Cryptopay

Sam Lee - Advisor - Co-founder of Ethereum South China and South Asia

Reuben Godfrey - Advisor - Co-founder the Blockchain Association of Ireland

Malcolm Tan - Advisor - Legal and Asian market Advisor


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