A decentralized collaboration platform

Token: MTX

Industry : Network

ICO Start Date: 13-09-2017 (307)

ICO Closing Date: 12-10-2017 (278)


Matryx is a platform for decentralized collaboration. Matryx consists of bounty system with a library of digital assets and a marketplace. The issues are posted along with a bounty for a verified solution. Users associate to solve problems, share results and earn rewards which will be awarded to contributors and all submissions are added to the Matryx library and marketplace for future purchase. This creates an ecosystem of public collaboration and ideas which drive research and innovation.

The main aim of Matryx is to incentivize collaboration in fields of knowledge and creation like STEM. Matryx’s team can reach this goal by the resources that support R&D demands and assist to organize a community of participants and contributors. Matryx is a blockchain based bounties which enable users to ratify each participant’s contribution to a solution and reward them with MTX tokens. Token enables its team to clout smart contract systems, upgrade over time and gives them the flexibility to shape the platform according to the needs of users.

Smart contracts reduce the friction of tracking and compensating contributors.  Each and every round of bounty competition’s winners are rewarded and a new generation is created. All monotonies are managed by tournament contracts. The new ideas or work are tracked and fairly rewarded. Martyx is featured in COINTELEGRAGH, Token Market, GIZMODO, BUSINESS INSIDER, Union-Tribune, UC San Diego, SD Times and SingularityHUB.

The Matryx team builds an intelligent virtual reality interface which empowers scientists and engineers to collaborate, design and simulate with nanoscale precision. The software supports an advanced research and development in life sciences, materials sciences, and nanoengineering by integrating a virtual reality with cloud computing.

Collaboration Problem: -Matryx’s team provides a global community which encourages and incentivizes the exchanges of ideas. The innovation time is reduced while problems are solved at a short period. Research and engineering efforts are fragmented. Time and money are wasted when different teams work on the same problem. Recognition and grants go to the last person who works on the problem, but many critical contributors are ignored.

The Matyrx bounty system intents to accelerate innovation and rewards all contributed users.  A bounty is a challenge posted to the platform with a fair MTX reward for users who contribute to the answer. Any user can post bounties and participate in Matryx’s Community.

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Team Members

Steve McCloskey - CEO & Co-Founder

Keita Funakawa - COO & Co-Founder

Edgardo Leija - CXO & Co-Founder

Vincent Brunet - CTO

Scott Morgan - CFO

Edgardo Leija - Chief Experience Officer

Vincent Brunet - Chief Technology Officer

Adam Simon - Project Developer

Kyle Lee - Mathematician

Kai Wang - VP Software Development

Dennis Chiang - Developer

Max Howard - Architect

Edward Zhou - Developer

Ethan Vanderhorn - Developer

Jacqueline Bontigao - Developer

Lilian Angel - Developer

Ty Stahnke - Developer


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