Digital & Decentralized Currency

Token: MCX

Industry : CryptoCurrency

ICO Start Date: 05-10-2017 (284)

ICO Closing Date: 01-01-2018 (196)


MCX Coin is a digital currency that is designed and operated electronically. No one can control MCX coin they are arena€TM printed on conventional currency. It is basically a cryptocurrency which is created on a new technology called blockchain. This is a digital ledger that tracks the transactions made with the digital asset.

MCX Coin is decentralized platform and no organization can any control over MCX coin network. The transactions are transferred and sent to MCX multi wallet which has a digital signature for security purposes. MCX is an ultimate solution to all the cryptocurrency queries. This makes an inception of a new era in the financial market and digital asset management.

MCX Coin is easy and favorable for use; User can ship and accept MCX coin anywhere around the world. The transaction fee for MCX is nominal. The user is in the control of all the transactions and is protected from identity theft. All these transactions are accessible on the blockchain for peoples to view, rectify and update in real time.

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Team Members

Robert Culley - Blockchain Developer

Evgeny Ardashev - Lead Java Developer

Jamie Skella - Chief Technical Officer

Kenneth Johnson - Stock and Forex Expert

Dmitri Kotlvarevsky - International Community Coordinator

Jonghyun Kim - Legal Advisor


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