Token: MEDI

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 20-10-2017 (243)

ICO Closing Date: 20-11-2017 (212)


MediBond is a state of the art which is has tokenized cryptographic platform. The industries such as pharmaceutical, insurance, and healthcare have been innovating by MediBond.  It improves interaction between the biggest healthcare industrial players to help and provide them adequate services.


  • Verification System: - This has an implementation of a trinary multisignature protocol. It requires a sign off from all parties such as Insurance, Pharmacies, and Doctors involved in the transaction. This enables the integrated data to healthcare transactions and fraud prevention to keep the process of filling prescriptions transparent.
  • Medical records Management: - This is a cryptographical process which secures the storage and encrypting. This transfers all the medical data to hospitals, pharmacies, insurances on the blockchain. The Multisignature sign is required for the dispensation of the data to the third party.
  • Artificial Intelligence: - Medibond is building a neural network which is trained on medical data of persons on the blockchain. It provides intelligent insights to medical professionals and assists in narrowing diagnosis for patients and identifies potential risk factors.
  • Complete Transparency: - Medibond is available on major social networking platforms. It enables users to connect to this platform. The team also keeps an update on the progress and announcements on the newspage and thru videos.

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Team Members

Ben Steffens - Founder & President

James Billot - Co-Founder & Advisor

Albrito Marques - Marketing & Strategy

Divya Gawas - Lead Developer

Rayner Prazeres - Designer

Omkar Harmalkar - Software Engineer


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