Open Source Credit & Big Data Bureau

Token: AMM

Industry : Financial Service

ICO Start Date: 18-10-2017 (271)

ICO Closing Date: 18-11-2017 (240)


MicroMoney is the first Blockchain Credit Bureau & Social Microfinance. Basically, It is an open source Credit which associates new customers with all existing financial services. All the amassed big data and Credit Histories are collected on the Blockchain. MicroMoney A.I platform utilizes complex algorithms to anticipate creditworthiness of all customers.

MicroMoney is one of few blockchain companies. It is endorsed by a real product. This is recommended for big data business which demands huge data from banks, E-commerce, and Telecom & Retail. Many of existing businesses will get access to millions of new customers that bring to the global economy.   

  • Future Growth:- MicroMoney has expanded worldwide which has more than 100+ countries in the world along with huge demand for the services
  • Ethereum: - MicroMoney is powered by Ethereum. It is safe and secure. The User’s credit history on blockchain is translucent, auditable and is administered by cryptographically verifiable code.
  • Financial Inclusion: - User can include 2 bln people in world global Crypto economy for the progress of the economy.
  • Open Source: - Micromoney aims at managing a free and open source software model which is a unique feature of the platform.
  • Digital Identify:- User can design a virtual identity which evolves with his funds
  • Smart Contract: - Micromoney provides fast services, doesn’t require any mediators and is reliable.

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Team Members

Sai Hnin Aung - Co-founder- COO

Anton Dzyatkovskiy - Co-founder- CIO

Mr. Tetsuya Mori - MicroMoney CTO- Managing Director

Oknha Sorn Sokna - SONATRA Group- Cambodia- Financial Adviser

Mr Tetsuji Nagata - SONATRA Group- East Wing Capital

Mr Yoshiyuki Taira - Grand Corporation Osaka. Japan- Director of Grand Corporation Osaka

Mr Yojiro Tsutsumi - Grand Corporation Osaka. Japan- Director of Grand Corporation Osaka

Pasan Madhawa Edussuriya - Director for Micromoney Sri Lanka- Prosperous Capital & Credit Limited

China Muoka - Director for Micromoney Nigeria- Afrofinancial- consensys.net- Nigeria

Ben Kraus - Business Developement Director- USA

July Phoo - MicroMoney Myanmar- COO

Bhannathorn Sangsuk - MicroMoney Thailand- GM

Tin Htut Aung - MicroMoney Myanmar- IT

Malsha Thilakarathne - MicroMoney Sri Lanka- Operations Manager

Sendy Inka Casella - MicroMoney Indonesia- Country Representative

Aung Pyay Thein - MicroMoney Myanmar- HR

Alex Mashinsky - Advisor

Roel Wolfert - Advisor

Dauren Toleukhanov - Advisor

Jack Huang - Advisor

Xiaochen Zhang - Advisor

Karen New - Advisor

Naru Julia - Advisor

Ben Theobald - Advisor

Alex Norta - Advisor

Nehemia Kramer - Advisor

Tomoaki Sato - Advisor

Albi Rodriguez Jaramillo - Advisor

Charles Leslie - Advisor


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