Blockchainize green economy

Token: MITO

Industry : Investment

ICO Start Date: 11-09-2017 (309)

ICO Closing Date: 31-10-2017 (259)


Mito is the first token which is based on the DAO IPCI protocol that scales up a green economy and environmental asset trade. Mito is blockchain – based protocol. It creates global green finance market that mobilizes funds for environment and climatic change mitigation. It is Ethereum – based public blockchain and smart contracts that eradicate fraud and double counting. It gives unprecedented transparency, trust and quality of the green assets with green economy infrastructure.

Mito has easy access to green investment and assets through the decentralized application. It attracts investment into green projects without borders. It has to offset of environmental and carbon footprints. Mito has launched and managed decentralized environment programs. It monitors green investment projects outcomes and supply chains. Mito is a blockchain utilized by corporate, regional, national and international environmental programs.

Mitigation Token (MITO) is DAO IPCI protocol – based environmental units that exchange vehicles. The key component is to give transactions efficiently and integrity of the ecosystem. It is basically created to deliver a digital mitigation costs, carbon pricing instrument a digital CO2 cost equivalent.  DAO IPCI is created and launched for growing environmental finance market champions such as exchanges, traders, regulators, green bond issuers, green project developers, owners, businesses, and individuals.


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Team Members

Anton Galenovich - Ph.D- Co-founder Lead Developer

Alexey Shadrin - Co-founder Founder- Russian Carbon Fund

Sergey Lonshakov - Co-founder- DAO Architect Airalab team leader

Sergey Sitnikov - Сo-founder Partner- Causa Privata Law Firm

Eugene Radchenko - Project Manager Airalab team

Max Gutbrod - Advisor Partner- Baker McKenzie

Douglas Prentice - Advisor СEO- GeoCapita

Cao Yin - Advisor CSO- Energy-Blockchain Labs

Xiaochen Zhang - Advisor President- FinTech4Good


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