Mobius Network

Connecting every developer to the blockchain ecosystem.

Token: MOBI

Industry : Internet

ICO Start Date: 08-11-2017 (224)

ICO Closing Date: 08-10-2017 (255)


Mobius seals the notch between the internet world and blockchain world via cutting-edge and manageable protocols that introduce latest standards for cross-blockchain login, payment, governance, and oracles.


  • Protocols: Mobius has architectured cutting-edge and clear protocols that connect billions of people and devices to the blockchain ecosystem.
  • DAPP Store: Mobius is all set to create an easy-to-use Decentralized App (DAPP) store that will expel the intermediator and decentralize the App economy with the user base nearly double to 6.3 billion, thus contributing to $6.3 trillion growth in the App economy by 2021.
  • Token: The mobius token (MOBI) influences the Mobius Network and facilitates value transfer, decentralized community governance, and vested stake based prominence systems and oracles.



  • Interoperable: The Mobius universal protocol API’s work across all Blockchains and connect the internet world to the internet world to the blockchain ecosystem so developers only have to learn and support one standard.
  • Simple: The Mobius protocols allow developers to easily implement and support advanced decentralized blockchain features such as token payments, login, and governance.
  • Secure: Mobius favors security so developers do not have to contribute on requiring SSL and encryption throughout the network and on using cold storage with multi-signature wallets.


Welcome to the Mobius API! The Mobius API presents a simple approach to the Mobius DApp Store and multiple blockchains.

Currently, Mobius has language examples in Shell using curl with JavaScript, Ruby, and Python examples coming soon! You can view the code here and you can switch the language of the examples.


The application accords you to get the balance of credits of email. Users can transfer credits into apps on the DApp store and also can then query the number of credits a user currently has in your app.

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Team Members

David S. Gobaud - Stanford- Computer Science Harvard Law- JD White House Y Combinator

Cyrus S. Khajvandi - Stanford University Credo & Bitbounce Advisor Early Adopter of BTC- ETH/C NSF & HHMI Researcher

Monis Rahman - Stanford Ph.D. Computational & Mathematical Engineering

Jackson Palmer - Advisor

Jed McCaleb - Advisor


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