A commerce that is trusted globally

Token: MTH

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 31-08-2017 (320)

ICO Closing Date: 30-09-2017 (290)


Monetha has decentralized trusts and reputation system. It is powered by Smart Contracts. It works perfectly on Monetha’s Payment Processor. Purchasers can go through trustworthy and transparent reviews made by the precious customers. As Commerce and trust are needed with each other and the current systems are complicated, Monetha utilizes smart contracts to clarify the relationship.

The information required is to entrust the relationship between buyer and seller that is recorded on the blockchain. Smart Contracts directly amend each party’s trust rating is according to an algorithm which is assessable to the quality of the transaction. Monetha works with E-Commerce to expand the store by allowing customers to pay using Ethereum Coins. It enables customers to pay for their Subscriptions or other in-app services.

$50 billion is collected in crypto coins around the world. Monetha is the first application to tap into this huge opportunity. Monetha is utilizing Ethereum blockchain. Monetha makes commerce and trade translucent and trustful. It is minimizing the possibility of a capricious commerce for merchant and client.       

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Team Members

Andrej Ruckij - Co-Founder/Technology

Eric Duprat - Payments lead

Kellogg N. Fairbank - Sales and Merchant Acquisition lead

Dr. Jean- - Marc Seigneur

Justas Pikelis - Co-Founder/Business

Laurynas Jokubaitis - Co-Founder/Product

Viaceslavas Ruckis - Engineering lead

Alex Bazhanau - Principal Ethereum Engineer

Erikas Malisauskas - Product design/Front-end developer

Martynas Adomaitis - Smart Contract developer

Andrej Davidovic - Software engineer

Sean Harper - Product and Payments

James Downton - Marketing advisor

Nik Rokop - Business advisor

Paolo Rebuffo - Financial Advisor

Robertas Visinskis - ICO advisor


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