Money Rebel

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Token: MRP

Industry : Financial Service

ICO Start Date: 14-11-2017 (244)

ICO Closing Date: 14-11-2017 (244)


Moneyrebel is all on one mobile platform that uses blockchain and the PSDz EU directive. It is one of the leading platforms recommended for financial services in Europe for 2020. The loyal user base has been constructed during successful ICO Crowdfunding campaign. Money Rebel is fascinating new users and advisers with the suite of innovative for easy to use financial services.

MRP Tokens are one of the most sought-after crypto assets with a consistent increase in value for multiple revenue streams and increasing profits. Money Rebel is partnered with Jozef Stefan Institute, Quintelligence, and BitIns. It is supported by ABC Accelerator and Quantum Project.


  • Financial background: - The team consists of financial experts whose successfully manage millions of Euros in portfolios.
  • Legacy:- The team has consisted of financial and blockchain experts who have developed successful It projects such as Crypto arbitrage and
  • Agile:- The access consists of using agile techniques where team rapidly accustom the strategy to market needs
  • Legal: - The Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is set up the stage for open banking in Europe that provides an opportunity that releases the idea. The PSD2 is also known as the end of the banks' monopoly.
  • Market Adoption: - A PWC study reports that 88% of customers use third-party providers for payments that equip that market is ready for trade.    

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Team Members

Mitja Vezovisek - CEO- Co-founder

Ana Vezovisek - Banking Expert- Co-founder

Urban Cjuha - CIO- Co - Founder

Natasa Kozlevcar - Sales Manager- Co-founder

Miha Pulko - CTO- Co-founder

Matjaž Mausser - Business Strategy Expert- Business Developer

Dzenan Muftic - Digital Business Consultant

Jaka Kladnik - Digital Marketing Expert

Simon Rucigaj - Communications Content Expert

Danijela Vukosavljevic - Advisor

Julien Coustaury - Advisor

Edin Poprzenovic - Advisor

Luka Pusic - Advisor

Sebastijan Stcul - Advisor

Boris Kozlevcar - Advisor

Jure Pirc - Advisor


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